Private Parties

You can host your next party at our new cheese tasting room. We have hosted many events including birthday and bachelor parties, bridal showers, fundraising events, company gatherings, and club events. Nothing better than enjoying a glass of wine and a great selection of cheeses.

Call us to organize your next event. Just invite your friends and we will take care of the entertaining.

Minimum of 15 people for hosting a private party from Sunday to Thursday and 25 on Friday or Saturday.

Kim G. Bachelorette  Cheese and Wine Tasting – Friday May 26th @ 7PM

Wine & Cheese Tastings

(7 – 8 PM):

Four Special Wines paired with four cheeses and condiments. Compared to the cheese tastings, the Thursday tastings will focus more on the wines. We work with our wine distributor to bring unique and new wines to our tasting. The cheeses and the entertainment are a plus.

Cost: $25 per person. Pre-paid reservation is required. Pay online or call to 813-805-BRIE (2743) or 813-766-0060.


“Beer and Cheese Tasting for Cinco de Mayo”  Due to multiple requests we are hosting a beer tasting for all who celebrates Cinco de Mayo (and for all who likes seasonal beer).  Thursday May 4th.


“Rose Wines for Mother’s Day”. With the warm weather among us, it is time to celebrate with four different Rose wines.  Thursday May 11th.


“The Best of the California Wines”  We will try some unique and some popular grapes and wines from different areas of California.  Not to miss.  Thursday May 18th.


Friday & Saturday Cheese Tastings

(7 – 9PM) Eight cheese course menu paired with the perfect condiments and wine.

Cost: $35.00 per person. Pre-paid reservation is required. Pay online or call to 813-805-BRIE (2743) or 813-766-0060

Cancellation Policy: all cancellations must be received 24 hours in advance of tasting as cheeses are cut and prepared for each tasting in advance. No refunds are given.. If cancellations are received 24 hours in advance , a  store credit will be issued for future tastings or for future purchases .

Note: We have our regular Friday and Saturday tastings from 7-9PM. Due to the high demand of our  future tastings, if you would like to make reservations for tastings not listed, please call us 81-766-0060.

Pasteurized vs. Raw Milk Cheeses” .   Don’t be afraid to unpasteurized milk as they tend to be more flavorful and rich.  Come to compare a great selection of cheeses paired with condiments and wine.  Friday April 28th.


“Spring Milk Cheeses”.  
We are adding this tasting to feature seasonal cheeses, some young and fresh and others earthier and full of flavor.   Saturday April 29th.


“Fans vs. My Favorite Cheeses”  We will compare the most popular cheeses against “MY” favorite cheeses, because you know that it is all about Me. Friday May 5th.


“More of the Most Popular vs. My Favorite Cheeses”  because one tasting is not enough for me, we will host a tasting on Saturday.  Saturday May 6th.  Sorry we are Full.  Please join us at the bar for a flight of wine and cheeses.

Special Tasting for Mother’s Day” .  Our traditional Mother’s Day with creamy, silky cheeses to full flavored ones.  Maybe a sweet or two for that significant other.  Friday May 12th.


“Another Cheese Tasting for Mother’s Day”.  In case you can’t make it on Friday, we are hosting another event on Saturday but do not wait too long to make your reservations.  Saturday May 13th.  Please call  813-766-0060 to make your reservation.  There are only two seats available.


“Unique and Exotic Cheeses”.  A new food trend is to create new flavors by mixing herbs and condiments.  We will be featuring new cheeses with unique flavor profiles like caramelized onions, jalapenos, and wine among others.  Friday May 19th.


“Another Night with Unique Cheeses and Condiments”.  In case you miss it, we are hosting another tasting with unique and interesting cheeses and pairings.  Saturday May 20th.

………….“French and British Cheeses”  Two cheese countries with their most popular cheeses.  From Brie and Comte to Cheddars and Stiltons.  Friday May 26th.


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