Friday & Saturday Cheese Tastings

(7 – 9PM) Eight cheese course menu paired with the perfect condiments and wine.

Cost: $35.00 per person. Pre-paid reservation is required. Pay online or call to 813-805-BRIE (2743) or 813-766-0060

Cancellation Policy: all cancellations must be received 24 hours in advance of tasting as cheeses are cut and prepared for each tasting in advance. No refunds are given.. If cancellations are received 24 hours in advance , a  store credit will be issued for future tastings or for future purchases .

Note: We have our regular Friday and Saturday tastings from 7-9PM. Due to the high demand of our  future tastings, if you would like to make reservations for tastings not listed, please call us 81-766-0060.

“Unique and Exotic Cheeses”.  A new food trend is to create new flavors by mixing herbs and condiments.  We will be featuring new cheeses with unique flavor profiles like caramelized onions, jalapenos, and wine among others.  Friday May 19th.  Please call 813-766-0060 to make your reservation.  There are a few seats available.


“Another Night with Unique Cheeses and Condiments”.  In case you miss it, we are hosting another tasting with unique and interesting cheeses and pairings.  Saturday May 20th.  Please call 813-766-0060 to make your reservation.  There are only a few seats available.


“French and British Cheeses”  Two cheese countries with their most popular cheeses.  From Brie and Comte to Cheddars and Stiltons.  Friday May 26th.


“My Favorite Cheeses”  People loved our tasting with our most popular and favorite cheeses so we were asked to host another one.  You will have some of the most popular and best cheeses of the store.  Saturday May 27th.


“Italian vs. Spanish Cheeses” Two countries with amazing cheeses: Manchegos, Pecorinos, and plenty of goat cheeses.  Friday June 2nd.

“Another Night with Italian and Spanish Cheeses” .  Just in case you missed it there is another tasting with Italian and Spanish cheeses.  Saturday June 3rd.



“Cheddars and Goudas” Probably the two most popular styles of cheeses with their multiple flavors and ages.  You might discover your new favorite cheese.  This is a very popular tasting.  Friday June 9th.



“Cheddars and Goudas II”  Another night to enjoy a unique selection of Cheddars and Goudas.  Saturday June 10th.



“Manly Cheeses and Cured Meats for Father’s Day”  A night pairing charcuterie and sharp & manly cheeses.  Friday June 16th.